[Feature Request] Ability to Collapse Blocked Apps under 'Firewall' Tab

In the Firewall Tab at the very bottom, the “Inactive Apps” category is neatly collapsed into an expandable list. This is great.

Would it be possible to also apply this to Apps that have been Blocked?

The issue I’m having is that if you have many Blocked Apps they populate the top of the Firewall list, thus you can’t see what Apps are actually running at a glance. It requires users to scroll down past the Blocked Apps each time which is tedious if viewing the Active Apps is their priory (which it mostly is for me).

Minor request, but it really would improve the user experience.

Thanks for your feedback. Maybe we can offer an option for this for paid users. We worry some users won’t be able to find a blocked app and it will cause them major problems with their computer.

As a paid user, I’d find this very helpful!

I do understand that it might be troublesome if users collapsed the hypothetical ‘Blocked Apps’ list and then lost track of what they’d blocked, but even if you have to manually collapse the ‘Blocked Apps’ List each time you view the Firewall tab, it’s still more convenient than scrolling down a long list.

Thanks for the response.