[Feature Request] Allow once/timed

Hello. I recently upgraded to Glasswire Pro. I continue to love the base product, but noticed that something felt missing from the pro version: a limited allowance while in “ask to connect” mode.

When a new application pops up, asking to connect, I’d like to be able to allow the application once. Further, it’d be nice if a timer could be set on the expiration (rather than waiting 'til the application pops up again). Either of these “allow once” options would be great. I don’t know which is easier. Both would be nice, but I’d like to have SOMETHING either way.

As part of this, I’d assume that Glasswire would not store the application in the firewall list forever. It’d be nice if it didn’t stick around to clutter things.

I’m aware that this is a feature that’s been requested before, but it looks like it hasn’t been brought up in a while. (…and if it’s already been implemented, I’m sure not seeing it.) It’s just one of those features that instinctively felt like it should be there, but isn’t.


Thank you for your feedback. We hope to add more sophisticated firewall features in the future.