[Feature Request] Allow once

When the application runs the first time and the allow connection request pops up. Place a third button that says “Allow Once”, this will allow that application to access the internet for the entire time it runs just this time without staying allowed the next time it runs. This way it does not need to be entered into the allow list and clutter it up. Update applications and temporary applications, and so one would fall into this list. If an update only runs once on your computer you don’t need to place it on the list. If something NEEDS to be placed on a list… at least separate that list into a different area or allow sorting by allowed/denied/temporary


You’re not the only one to request this. We’ll try to add this feature in the future, thanks.

Here was my request about this: Feature Request - Firewall Permissions & Ruleset controls

We will add it in the future. Thanks!

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+1…definitely should be a priority feature in my opinion

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necro powers ACTIVATE!

Did this ever happen? I never noticed it pop up.