[Feature Request][Android] Live Notification Icon

It would be better if you guys could add a live notification icon with the current speed. Also the notification should be closed when there is no connection. Also it should appear automatically when there’s a connection…
Like this


Looks cool!

We’d like to add this feature but this live notification icon is not supported by any Google API. Google recently made it clear that they plan to break all hacks like this, so soon this app will stop working.

If Google adds an option to do this with their API we’ll add it ASAP! We agree it’s cool and useful, but we don’t want to add this feature and then have it break for all our users suddenly after Google makes future changes.

Also, we did some testing and found this feature will eat up your battery life. Once this is supported by an API hopefully that will no longer be the case.

ok. thanks…
The current notification in the app is always there even if there’s no connection. So is it possible to automatically close the notification when there’s no connection and automatically re appear when connections is back

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Google requires that any apps that run in the background have a persistent notification icon. There are apps that break this rule, but you can report them to Google on their Google Play page and they’ll be removed from the app store.

GlassWire has to run in the background to count your data.

I see your point though, so in the future we may add a setting where GlassWire quits running only when you want to check your live data usage. In this case no persistent notification would be required if our app is not running in the background counting your data usage.

Ok then. Thanks for your quick help

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Google haven’t broken this feature yet as “Internet Speed Meter” does it. Internet Speed Meter also has a better notification than GlassWire, displaying both the data plan usage in MB and as a percentage and the total usage for the day for both wifi and mobile.

I uninstalled Internet Speed Meter when I installed GlassWire as they are too similar and I don’t want two notifications about my bandwidth, but I miss some of the things Internet Speed Meter did. Would you reconsider adding this feature? Also would you consider having the option to display all the data Internet Speed Meter does on your notification? I’m willing to pay £10 for these features which I know isn’t really worth it to you but I’m sure others would appreciate the features.



Thanks for your feedback!

Showing the Internet Speed at the top of the Android main screen isn’t actually a part of the Android API but instead it’s a bit of a hack. Google may break apps that do that any time, so if we spend the time implementing this it may just stop working any time in the future and the same will happen to any other similar apps.