Feature request: ban/throttle specific IP, aps or services from usage

While in the bandwidth usage, I’d like to be able to create a firewall rule regarding that specific IP…

Use case:

  • I see that an app I like and use tries to connect repeatedly to a specific IP => I click on it, see the port, ban the full IP or just the service (among all IPs) for that Application.
  • I see an app who uses a lot of bandwidth, I click on it, and limit it.

I understand that you use the Windows firewall so maybe the throttling is not an option…

Anyways, we need to be able to shut down an IP as destination or source. That seems like the most basic thing.

deleted (found a way to see the IP :wink: ): “Also, for the moment, if I wish to add a rule manually to my firewall, based on what glasswire shows me, it is quite a pain, because I don’t (can’t) see the IP, just the resolved name…”

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This is one of our most common requests. We won’t have this feature for the first 2.0 update but we’re still investigating it for the future. Thanks for your feedback.

This is somewhat realted:

I want the ability also to be able to block IP addresses and hosts on the fly and even using custom IP & hosts blocklists.

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