Feature request - Block trafic only for Internet (not in local network)

First of all: Your software is great! Thanks for this tool, and thanks for delivering it for free!
I use this tool for my personal and my professional use.

For my professional use, I would like to enable some process (like explorer, Word, Excel…) to access at my local network, but not allow them to access to Internet.

Why? For the explorer, It doesn’t have to download information from the Web (like ads, introducing in Creator Update).
For Word and Excel, they don’t have to download some templates.

To implement this update, maybe you can change the action of the flame at left of software listed in firewall tab.

This flame may have 3 colors :

  • Grey: firewall disable, allow all traffic.
  • Red: Firewall unable, block all traffic
  • Blue: Firewall unable only for Internet, allow local network traffic.

What do you think about this update?

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With IPv6 it’s difficult to detect local/Internet traffic easily, but we are working on host blocking along with more complex rules and perhaps this is something we can do. Thanks for your feedback and support!

I would like to have this ability as well. I have 2 security cameras that I view locally, and the manufacturer must have set them up to upload to the internet, which I neither need nor want. I have not found a way to turn that off in the app, and it often exceeds my data cap. It would be great if I could block the IP’s from accessing the 'net.