[Feature Request] Blocking Devices & Bandwidth limiting for Devices

I have a Windows 8.1 (x64) desktop and I have a Router Modem plugged in to my desktop Ethernet port.
I also have a laptop (connected to router LAN port) and few WiFi devices connected to my modem router.

I would like to know whether is it possible for developers to add these features I’m requesting…

a) If a new device gets connected to my network via. WiFi or Ethernet. Is it possible to add an option to Block/Disable that particular device from accessing internet or my network ?
I’m also aware changing WiFi password is also an option of blocking an WiFi device from connecting

b) Is it possible to add a option to limit the internet bandwidth usage based on Device Name / Mac Address / Hostname / IP Address.
I’m asking this option because some WiFi devices connected to my Router take most of my internet bandwidth and other connected devices experience slow internet. I cannot change the WiFi password since my sister is using that WiFi device.
I searched my router page and there is no option or feature to limit the download / upload internet bandwidth by Device Name. Mac Address, etc…

If developers can add a feature to configure bandwidth limit for a device that would be a very useful feature in my opinion…
Device 1 = Upload Max. 100 KB
Device 1 = Download Max. 200 KB
Device 2 = Upload Max. 200 KB
Device 2 = Download Max. 100 KB

Requesting developers to consider adding these features in future release if feasible



Thank you for your feedback on GlassWire.

A) GlassWire Basic, Pro, and Elite can alert you if a new device joins the network but the only way to block the device is to change your WiFi password or secure your physical network access points. GlassWire can’t block devices already connected and I think it’s technically impossible unfortunately without access to the router itself.

B) This would also need to be something that would be done by your router.