Add Bandwidth Limiting Option in Firewall tab

I used to use a network limiting app before. which I think is your close competetor. they have a nice feature in for firewall. where I’m able to limit the bandwidth of any process that consumes the internet.

like I would like to set 30kb/s for chrome browser process.

But unfortunately, i didn’t found any option in your nicely designed software. could you add this option in your next major update?

this will give us more control over the internet, how the process consumes and we can set how much they will consume at max.


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FYI, if you are using GlassWire for free then I don’t expect that the GlassWire developers will make this a free feature.

Bandwidth limiting is a popular request that many of us users have already requested or supported. You could have added your support by liking an existing topic rather than making a new topic. :slight_smile:

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