Feature REQUEST ( IP-based Geolocation means a Location Locator )

Hey guys plz make this feature to your highest priority list
so guys what i want is a IP-based Geolocation or a tracking device
for e.g.

So guys in this example u said that someone is using our own camera to see our own naked bodies :heart_eyes: . but guys from this example we can only know his/her ip .for a normal user they have to copy the ip address and then they call 911 and then wait. so what i want is an IP-based Geolocation an ip locator integrated into your own glasswire application to locate those assholes and fuck the hell out of them. and This feature will make an easier life for us and normal users. so plz guys do this for the better future.

and i have few ideas for this kind of situation

  1. Make a hyperlink of IP’s address to the Google maps and give us the location of that suspicious person so that we can locate him/her .

  2. Create your own maps but it will take some time and integrate it to the glasswire application and when we click the ip the address of that suspicious person and that’s how we can locate him/her and beat a shit out of him :punch:

plz guys make it ASAP plzzzzz we buy it for sure :sweat_smile:


Unfortunately we can only see the application that is accessing the webcam/mic so it’s not so easy to link it back to an IP. Also the entity accessing the webcam/mic would probably not use their own home or business IP in cases like this and it’s also difficult to link an IP with a physical address in most cases, but I wish it was possible to do this!

We will keep improving that webcam/mic feature as time goes on.

Well actually i happen to see this on day to day working website
so i thought i share the picture with u guys

well if u can do this that will make our life way easier
and i do think that ip tracking is not impossible as u can see from the above pic
this site is tracking the ip and the location too and redirects it to the google maps
so guys plz if its possible make it available.

I’m not sure if I would do so myself and I don’t know the website you are talking about, but I think you’d find if you typed in your own IP there that the map isn’t very accurate unfortunately. I wish it was accurate though, that would be very cool!

Well actually why don’t you go to this website http://www.iplocation.net/
and put your ip there
i am really sure this website will pickup your location.
and i am thinking about redirecting our ip here instead of google maps

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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Well actually this feature will be a time saver but its too hard for them to do this in their current condition
but i like your thinking. i think if they add this feature in their application they will make money for sure

and PLZ guys do whatever u want just don’t delete your free app and don’t even think of give us the trial software in exchange of free app
anyway thanxxx for making the software

well actually i don’t really think that it is really hard for them to add a geolocator but what can we do in the end they are the developers they know what is right or what is wrong
so lets just wait shall we

so what your impression in this
will u add this feature or not
plz it’s not that hard
plz make it available

We don’t have a geoip database ourselves so we’d probably have to pay someone to have this feature. We’ll investigate how much it might cost to add a feature like this or see if there is some third party that would allow us to link to their map/database for free. Thanks for your feedback.

So what do u guys think
so we will have this feature or not?
plz add this feature
this feature is absolutely time saver and it will boost up your products rating

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