Feature Request: Mini-Graph Text Size Settings Separate from Global Text Size settings


I just started using the mini-graph, and immediately noticed the text size was extremely small. I obviously googled it, finding the several forum posts about it and Glasswires’ responses stating to change the text size in settings. However, this changes ALL text size, including the main application text size.

So…in order for my mini viewer to even be legible, I have to change the overall font to the 2nd to largest setting; which then makes the main Glasswire window text size MASSIVE/way too large.

Glasswire users, who use the mini viewer, will have a wide-array of applications and configurations. Meaning, we all have different computer setups…some with multiple monitors, some with a small laptop screen, et al. My specific setup is a 15" laptop on a docking station, with a 2nd 24" monitor. I prefer the mini-graph to be on my main screen (which is the 15" laptop screen) but it makes the text size too small to see. Changing the Global Text settings then makes the Glasswire main app text size too big.

It would be amazing to have the mini-graph have its own text size settings that are separate from the applications’ global text size settings. Can you please make this change? I’m sure a lot of other users would want this as well…

Glasswire Supporter :slight_smile: