[Feature Request] Name devices based on MAC


New user of Glasswire and it’s amazing, what a firewall needs to be without all the corporate nonsense.

I’ll get to the point, having upgraded I think the network monitor is amazing, but what it needs is the ability to name devices so that when they connect I don’t start double checking IP’s on the devices to make sure they match up.

Keep up the great work!



Great idea! Thanks for your feedback and kind words.


I agree, how soon can this be done?


We hope to have an update out in the next week or so, then we’ll discuss this idea.


Glad you like the idea. To expand on it a little more, it would be great to have a “ignore notifications for trusted devices” so that you only get notified for new ones connecting once you have named them and they become ‘trusted’.


I was going to suggest this as well; I don’t want to be notified every time my portables power off/on, sleep, leave/re-enter the network.


The new version of GlassWire released today lets you set it up where you only get notifications for new unknown devices that join the network.


Awesome, can’t believe you got that implemented so quickly!


That’s 'cos I posted. :smiley:

It’s working too. Great timing since I’m rebuilding my laptop with a bunch of restarts.


Hi all, any news on when this will be added, was a bit sad it wasn’t there to begin with.


We tried to add it with this release but ran out of time implementing it. The design is done and it should be added on the next update.


Sweet, thank you Ken!