[feature request] show more info in "First Network Access" allow/deny window


I think there should be more informations on the “First Network Access” window to help with the decision if I should allow or deny the application. The path to the file would be good.

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Seconded. I had hoped that, by paying up for a GlassWire registration, I’d be getting functionality similar to or better than Windows Firewall Control, but apart from the graphic monitoring facilities, as a Windows Firewall front end GW still falls far behind WFC and is something of a non-event for anyone who wants a really effective firewall. For this reason I’m still not using GW as a firewall front end and am continuing to use WFC, which gives the full info and range of options / configurations for each Allow / Deny notification.

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Nafex, Click the “Updater.exe” icon and it shows more info, please check it out and let me know. I guess we should make it more obvious. Perhaps a question mark icon with a circle or something.

Philip, I’ll check out Windows Firewall Control and see how we can continue to improve GlassWire so we can be your only firewall. Thanks for your feedback.

I clicked on the icon but it seems not to work on the “First Network Access” window…

You’re right, I made a mistake. You should go to the “Firewall” tab and you’ll see the app there, then click its icon to see more details. I agree this is annoying so we’ll plan to change it. Thanks for catching that.