Feature request - system tray upload/download indicator

Instead of just the program icon, it’d be super helpful if the icon would display simple bars or arrows or indicators of network traffic… kind of like the old Windows XP networking icons did. One ‘computer screen’ would light up if transmitting, the other would light up if receiving. This would be especially helpful when uploading, because most people’s upload speeds are significantly slower than download speeds. Downloading: Your browser tends to show you when you’re downloading something large (like a file). Uploading: not so much.

Thank you!

Actually I’d been thinking of asking for this, but a more informative version, which either indicates roughly the level of upload / download by the length of an arrow or column - and these be in the colours for upload / download set in the graph, and the upload indicator being based in the bottom of the icon, while the download indicator is based in the top of the icon (i.e., on the opposite side).

An alternative - useful only if one is able to set really contrasting colours such as clear red and green (with yellow for overlaps), which one cannot currently do, is to make the icon an ultra-mini graph. I have found both approaches useful in their own ways in different utilities, but I think if GW will soon have a mini-graph anyway, it would make sense for the icon to be of the upload / download indicator type rather than yet another graph.


We’re working on adding a mini visualizer that should solve this problem. Thanks guys!

I would love it if a feature like this was introduced, as the software I currently use (NetSpeedMonitor) seems to no longer be in development/supported. It also has a few little bugs that will never be squished :frowning:



It’s great for a super quick glance of your current download speed, very useful for a heavy downloader like myself, and as you can edit the names of the Upload/Download fields, it’s also handy for knowing which machine you are currently connected to via RDP.

Simple, always available and yet unobtrusive. Perfect! :smile:

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