Feature request - user specifiable alert sound(s)

One thing that would make GW more helpful for me is a sound to accompany each alert. It would need to be user-specifiable, as pretty well any default sound would annoy or disturb some users. Indeed, I find the Comodo alert sound startling and quite horrible, and there is no user configuration for it. Of course an option to switch off alert sounds could also gain favour with some users, though might not be a good idea.

Although a single alert sound would be fine, perhaps a nice touch would be to have one sound for ‘information’ alerts and another for those alerts that require action - particularly new Internet accesses, but also anything else that really the user would need to check for security reasons. Having two user configurable sounds need not be confusing, seeing that if one wanted just one sound one could configure both sounds to use the same sound clip.


I like to use vocal warnings :wink: using text to speach like soarmp3.com

U put something like “warning, vpn is down!” then convert… is more intuitive than sounds or noises

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Great ideas! We’re working on adding some audio. Thanks!

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You can take an example by this software http://www.softinventive.com/pt/products/total-network-monitor/. Its free. I use it too. I configured one action with personalized sounds like “Site A has missing packets” using TTS. =)

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I bought the basic version to use the “ask to connect” mode. And i need a alert every time a program want to connect first time and is blocked…
Will this be implemented?

This is on our future development list.

I don’t object to others having an “alert sound”, but PLEASE make it an option to be added or at least allow me to disable it. I can’t think of anything worse than have more noises. I don’t object to “critical” alert sounds, but again, give me the option to control what alerts I want to hear from.


It’s been a while now waiting for word about this. Is there any news as to how near we are now to getting (definitely user-configurable) alert sounds? That’s one feature I really would like, including one specifically for firewall prompts in ‘ask to connect’ mode.

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