Feedback and suggestions

so here is my feedback about the program. I think the program is nice, but despite that, I think that it has some aspects that are just useless… those aspects are:

  • the grath: why do I need a graph if I have a usage tab?? than, since the usage tab is more informative, why not making the Usage tab “live” (with live I mean let that little graph on the left do the same work as the graph tab)??
  • the paid features can be found on free software: ask to connect? block everything?? ask to connect can be found on comodo free firewall for example (or it used to be found, dont use comodo for a long time). but seriously… making block everything a paid feature?? that’s the most basic thing you can find on a firewall… the only thing I find worthy being paid is the network tab…
    all the other features are great!

Thank you for your feedback. I think the graph is useful because it shows you notifications when events take place, plus you can click the graph and it shows you detailed info about what caused the spike/decrease in data.