Feedback hub ....Hello glasswire

things to be considered for the next update:

  1. provide resize option for the vertical bar, the current size does not provide enough space to see the whole tap label.

  2. provide online activation for the user, i have uninstalled glass wire in one of the servers without deactivate the application, hence i cant use the same Key for other server because it is in use. provide online portal to bound/ unbound the connected PC with glasswire.

  3. provide online verification for the observed service that is connected to the internet to provide clear information to the use to block/ unblock that particular service, (right click … in the firewall tap)

  4. color code for each tap for clear verification

  5. provide clear feedback scheme and process for the users in your site for the suggested tips, we like to inspect that our suggestions are really implemented in the next version of glasswire.


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Great feedback. Thanks!