Feedback: Product and Pricing

Firstly, love the UI and ease of use. Makes everything fairly easy to understand.

  • Limit popups for offers. I seem like I am getting them a little too often.

  • Price. The thing that kind of got me is the product price at $100 for elite. I felt that was fairly high but then getting started seeing popups for Elite pricing at $50. Now, if I knew that $50 was something I could keep Elite at every year, I would subscribe to this in a heartbeat. I think the product would be a lot more appealing to purchase at $50 than $100.

  • Lack of platforms. Again, such a nice product but the fact that it is Windows only limits how I can use it at home where I have MacOS and Linux machines as well.

  • Perpetual License. I have read some threads and understand this is not part of the roadmap anytime but would be nice to get this as an option. At $250 or so, it would be nice to get a perpetual license for this product.

I think Glasswire has one of the most modern looking firewall interfaces I have seen. It made me actually want to move away from Bitdefender Total to just a simple anti-virus solution with the Glasswire Firewall as a dedicated firewall product.

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Thanks for your feedback.

For anyone else who reads this we have details on subscriptions here too: