Filter by youtube usage in PC

We all know, it can be filter by YouTube app data usage with glasswire mobile app. It’s because YouTube has a sperate app in smart phone. What my question is, is there any method to filter how many data consumed for YouTube within particular time period in a windows based computer? Basically we go to YouTube using the browser. It shows the browser’s data usage instead of YouTube usage. Any expert can answer to my query?


Thanks for your feedback. No, it’s not possible since it’s just a website and not a separate app. There is probably some sophisticated way to filter it per-host, but I am not sure if Youtube just uses one specific host or not.

Thanks for replying. That is what I was thinking. I hope we cannot filter by host since YouTube may not host by one platform…

I’m glad this topic has come up. I have often thought it would be quite useful to have an option to filter usage by host.