Filter View by Host

On the Graph Tab and the Usage Tab, since the ability to filter the view by App or by Traffic Type for any chosen time period is so useful, I think it would also be very useful to be able to filter the view by Host as well. So there would be four tabs to choose from on those pages: All, Apps, Traffic Type and Host. Thank you for a very interesting and informative program.

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You can do this with GlassWire. Click “Host” at the top of the host column after exposing the entire list, and you can sort by host.

Or if you are not talking about sorting, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Sorry, I guess I was not very clear in my previous post. What I was referring to is the three clickable labels (“All,” “Apps” and “Traffic”) in the upper left corner of each of the main Graph and Usage pages, where I can choose to view the total bandwidth consumed in the chosen time period per app, per traffic type or both combined (in the All Tab). What I would propose is the addition of a fourth button, “Hosts,” to be able to view bandwidth consumed for just the selected host that is attributable to all traffic types and all apps that communicated with just that single host during the selected time period. If one chose the Hosts button, all hosts that communicated with the computer might be shown in one column. Scrolling down the Hosts column would display the apps and traffic types which were responsible for that host’s traffic during the selected time period, in their own columns. I think that addition would greatly complement the currently available bandwidth views by individual traffic type or app on the Graph and Usage pages (tabs). Thank you.

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