Finer control over logging and alerts & feature request

I would love to be able to narrow down apps and IP subnets that Glasswire is keeping track of and sending alerts about. For example, I want to turn off all alerts and notifications regarding any local network device access like 192.168.x.x

Also… another great feature would be “turn off background access” for an app. For example, let’s say I open an application that uses network connectivity… the gaming app Steam for example… while it’s open and I’m playing games let it do whatever… but once I close the application and there is no longer an active window open on the desktop, then consider it a “background process” and give me a setting that will let me block internet access when it’s in the background. Android phones allow this kind of “Only when using app” setting, and I think something could be made for Windows to allow Glasswire to work like this as well. I don’t need Steam or any other app for that matter pinging stuff when I’m not using it… let me intelligently block access while I’m not actively using the application.

Along these same lines, let me configure exactly what I want alerts about… let me click an app to ignore alerts from it so the only alerts that bubble up are for new unknown things… alert fatigue is real… log analysis paralysis is real… make it easier to laser focus on new / changed things.

aaaand another thing… let me add subnets to the scan function. I have multiple subnets I’m dealing with for guests, IoT devices, and household computers / NAS devices… let me add some subnets to the scan to iterate all my IoT devices for example, which reside on a subnet that is routed through my firewall.