Firefox and Internet Explorer Internet connectivity blocked after installing (Go to our Firewall tab to block/allow apps)

A few hours after installing Glasswire for the first time, Firefox and Internet Explorer stopped connecting to the Internet while Chrome continued to connect. At first, I could not figure out what was blocking Firefox and Internet Explorer because they worked fine for a few hours after install. I rebooted twice and exited out of Glasswire, but the lack of Internet connectivity continued for Firefox and Internet Explorer even after exiting the app. I started up Glasswire again, checked under Firewall, and noticed that it had blocked Internet Explorer, f.lux, Adobe Flash Player, Everything, Native Host for Apps, Firefox, and a few other apps. I’m not sure why Glasswire selected those specific apps. I clicked on the Firewall text to turn off the Firewall and I was able to recover Internet connectivity for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Anyway, I wanted to post this in case someone else has a similar experience with this behavior.

I was surprised that Glasswire would continue blocking Internet connectivity for those apps even after exiting out of the app. Is that the default behavior? Is there a setting that automatically re-enables Internet connectivity for all blocked apps after exiting Glasswire?


GlassWire is a firewall application and has the ability to block apps from accessing the network. Go to GlassWire’s “Firewall” tab to allow/deny new apps by clicking the firewall icon next to the app name.

If GlassWire’s Firewall is switched to “Off” under its own firewall, then it cannot block anything at all.

GlassWire has always blocked apps when closed since it was released in 2014, because otherwise our app could be killed by malware, or crash, and everything would suddenly become unblocked. This is normal behavior for firewall software.

If you’re having a technical problem perhaps your Windows Firewall is corrupted or having problems. Uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs and then reboot. Next go to the “Windows Firewall” control panel and choose “restore defaults”.

Next reinstall GlassWire with its “clean install” and firewall “restore defaults” options checked. The problem should be solved.