Firewall always Disabled - cant enable - high CPU

Hello there :slight_smile: I am now a long term User of GlassWire for about 2 years now and I´ve never had such an issue or any problems with it. Now for about a few Months I just cant enable the Firewall running on my Machine. On any other Machines its running just fine. On my Main PC I am missing this option/ the Button ist just greyed out. Whats the problem here? Plus in TaskManager I always find “LocalServiceNoNetworkFirewall” Task with “Windows Defender Firewall” utilizing 20% of my CPU after boot up for about 10 mins or more on a 8 Core Machine so thats a lot utilization.
System is Windows 10 on 1809 | 17763.529 64 Bit.


Thanks for using GlassWire!

On the firewall if another app is disable the Windows Firewall API we use sometimes GlassWire can tell you what that app is. Are you seeing any notice like that? If you are try doing a search online for “appname Windows Firewall” and you may see some ways to continue using that app while not making it disable the Windows Firewall API.

If I was in your situation, and if my GlassWire History and Windows Firewall API rules did not matter so much I’d try the following:

Uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs.
Go to the Windows Firewall control panel and choose “restore defaults”.

Reinstall GlassWire using our “clean install” and “reset firewall” options.

Now see if the issue is resolved.