Firewall always off when I reboot my pc


I have Glasswire Basic V1.1.21B, Windows 10.
When I restarts my pc , the Glasswire Firewall is switched off while the Windows Firewall works .
If I active Glasswire Firewall, after a few seconds he becomes off .
For this to work , I have to completely disable Windows Firewall and enable it via Glasswire firewall.

Do you have a solution?

Thank you

GlassWire manages the Windows firewall so there is no reason you would ever want to disable the Windows firewall with GlassWire. Are you using a third party software that is disabling your Windows firewall? It’s certainly not us disabling the Windows firewall.

The windows firewall is active when I start my pc but in glasswire the button is off . if I click on the button , it becomes it for 5 seconds then return to off. ( sorry for my english, I speak french if you understand ?).
the only way that the button is on, is to disable the firewall in windows and activate the button in glasswire then it remains on.

We had another user report this problem and we’re trying to find the cause. Could you email our helpdesk so we could give you instructions on collecting and sending logs to us so we can find what’s causing this? Thanks!

I experienced the same problem, that glasswire firewall (free version 1.1.21b) turned off after few seconds. I vcouldn’t make it stay ON.

I turned off Windows Firewall (use Win 7 ultimate), then turned on Glasswire firewall and it prompted me to turn on Windows Firewall. I answered yes.

Now, Glasswire firewall (and Windows firewall) stay on.

After a reboot the same Problem occurred again.

After a reboot the same Problem occurred again.

Sorry for the problem. Please email our helpdesk if possible. Thanks!