Firewall Apps tracking

Hi all

Is there a way with this app or another to find app dependencies. I blocked a few apps yesterday and left my mail app aquamail open. I was able to connect to a few mail accounts except any Gmail. Which is odd if I can connect to say yahoo and others. As soon as I enable all apps again it was fine, lost again when I reselect my profile. So it’s hit and miss now trying to find which system or app is doing it. Yep Google Play etc is enabled too.

So thought I’d askmif theres an easy way of managing firewalls and apps ?


We have a beta that’s in the Google Play store that has “profiles” that makes it easier to manage the firewall and apps. Go to our Google Play page and choose the beta to try it.

Perhaps Aquamail somehow connects to the Gmail app? I’m not familiar with it unfortunately.