Firewall block Hosts

Please add the option to block special hosts.
This feature should be self-evident, is there a reason why it has not been added yet?

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I second this. I was expecting the subscription to actual let me BLOCK the app, not just check it for viruses. I’m not worried about viruses I’m worried about my information


You can absolutely block an app with GlassWire. Go to our firewall tab, then click the fire icon next to the app you want to block. Switch our firewall to “On” before doing so.

i set that up and checked on ask to connect under settings but i still see host connections in the blocked apps when they run


Are you using a VPN software simultaneously with GlassWire? That’s usually great, but there is one VPN provider that’s doing weird things lately so perhaps it’s related to that. If you’re using a VPN which one are you using if I may ask?

Click my name here and send some screenshots if you feel comfortable so I can get a better understanding about what’s happening. Please note the firewall timeline is much longer than the graph timeline, so if the app accessed the network in the past before “ask to connect” it may show the host data still just so GlassWire is more useful for you.

ok the vpn seems to be the issue. is there any why to filter the vpn through glasswire so that the VPN is running on the computer then glasswire filters the connection allowed into the vpn’s ip… or something?

i use nord vpn if that helps


Nord bypasses the Windows Firewall API. I believe it’s unusual behavior for Windows apps because many IT and Information Security professionals use that API and expect it to work. I recommend opening a ticket with Nord so they might change their behavior, then look at using the built in Windows VPN app to connect to their VPN instead of their own app. - A post about this on Reddit.

Nord was also recently in the news due to a security breach.

Here is the solution where you can continue to use the Nord service you paid for. They seem to recommend the built in Windows software is more secure than theirs, and I think that’s true for obvious reasons.

Awesome thanks for the walkthrough, it was super helpful

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Apologies if this request is in another thread. But all of the earlier posts regarding the ability to block specific hosts were mostly prior to 2.x. Apparently, this has been a much requested feature. For GlassWire to be useful to me I need to be able to block hosts connected to specific apps. Often there are hundreds of connections to a specific app that need to be managed. Having the ability to sort those connections by country would also be a huge help; as would displaying the port(s) associated with the app. Continued subscription is contingent on the implementation of this feature. Thanks for considering the request.

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