Firewall - block only mobile

In the Firewall, I used to be able to block just mobile, just WiFi or both. If that feature gone in version 3?

I see that I can create different profiles but that would mean I’d have to manually switch profiles when going off WiFi.

Having this feature is especially helpful for my wife who doesn’t have the most reliable WiFi connection at work. She’ll get disconnected from WiFi without realizing it and eat up a ton of mobile data.



It’s technically impossible to do this reliably anymore due to recent Android changes outside our control.

We made firewall profiles to make up for it. You should make one profile for mobile and one for WiFi.

“We also found that Google made it impossible for us to block data by WiFi only, or Mobile only with our firewall.”

Others may still have the feature or claim it’s possible but it very clearly leaks and it’s unreliable. It would be wrong to offer this feature when it leaks and doesn’t work due to Android changes we have no control over.

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Can there be a feature then that can link to your GPS location? this way you can maybe pin point your Wifi’s

Maybe this will help???

Since we lost the ability to configure the firewall separately for wifi and mobile is it possible to automatically switch profiles when wifi is connected or lost.

This feature was the main reason i started using (and pay for) this app.



Unfortunately there is no reliable way to detect this. It’s a popular request though and if it can be done in the future we’ll do so.

Hi I came here to ask the same question (firewall only on mobile data).
Thank you for explaining!

Would it be possible to add a button to the android quick panel menu that you pull down to enable/disable glasswire’s firewall? Maybe set to the current profile?

I think that would make it more convenient! :slight_smile:

(this menu):


I will discuss this with our team, thanks for your feedback.

Please note that GlassWire for Android now has a widget, and that widget has the ability to turn the firewall on/off. Just long press our icon to turn it on.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Your app would certainly need to ask for an extra permission, which I understand is not to be taken lightly, but it could then detect the change from/to wifi/celldata and switch to the correct profile automatically.
I don’t think you can expect your users to maintain the enthusiasm to switch the firewall on and off manually.

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It’s technically impossible to do this reliably anymore due to recent Android changes outside our control.

I suppose this is just another way for Google to capitalize off ads and other egregious data activity.The user ought to have full control over both wireless and cellular data and what applications have access to what segment.

Users ought to have the right to allow/block a particular application to have access to the WiFi network, while also having the ability to control that same application to allow/block for cellular data. The same would apply to all resources on a smartphone.

Developers need to be on board with this and actively pushing ‘Google’ to change their practices.

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I dont know what is reliability standard, but I am using NetGuard and blocking WiFi, or mobile data or both per application works pretty well.

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And I forgot to mention, that NetGuard Is open sourced on github. So you can check their code and make decision to their solution.