Firewall constantly turning off (Android)

I have been using glasswire for a while now and i have noticed some annoying issue in regards to the firewall.

I turn on the firewall and everything is cool and working.
But for some reason it randomly turns off by itself.

I would love to give you a full on description about the actions i take when it happens but I just turn on my phone and eventually notice that it is turned off.

There are some apps that I want to block internet access for and it would be awesome this issue could get resolved.

Hope to hear from you seen.

Kind regards,

Sorry for the issue.

If you go to your settings/battery and set GlassWire where our app is “not optimized” does it solve it?

Some recent versions of Android tend to kill background apps, and we need a background VPN process to run so we can block stuff.

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I have a similar issue that when an update is installed firewall is disabled and I have to enable it again.


Do you mean a GlassWire app update, or what type of update? Thanks for the info.

I mean GlassWire app updates on android.

Thank you.

Unfortunately this update of the app is controlled by the Android OS itself, and when this happens our app will quit and the firewall be deactivated. It’s completely out of our control but if something changes with the Android OS in the future we’ll make sure and solve this ASAP.

I also want this for my own phone so I understand your frustration and we apologize.

Please try our update that will be out next week. Google Play should automatically update you. Thanks for your reports.

Recently downloaded Glasswire App from Google Play and it was indeed running smooth on my Google Pixle until I updated to Android 8.0. Now whenever I will open the app it’s simply loading a blank screen and crashing eventually after few seconds. It’s very annoying.

Any help/solution? Thanks in advance.



Thanks for using GlassWire.

Perhaps something got corrupted on the update? If you uninstall our app with Android, then restart your phone, then reinstall and accept all permissions does it begin to work?

Do you use any third party apps that block other app permissions? If so can you white list GlassWire?

If the problem continues even after the uninstall/reboot/reinstall may I ask your phone type?