Firewall - how to block hosts

How to block a certain host?

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We don’t currently offer the ability to block hosts but we’re working on adding this in a future version.


Ken@Dec2015="we’re working on adding this"
Apparently not.
This shouldn’t take more than 2 months, from idea to release.
If the reason this feature is not implemented yet is the ‘no-admin-privileges-needed-ideology’,then, scrap that. Allow me to give GlassWire Full Control of my system, void my warranty, Do whatever, Do something. Be an actual Firewall. Features > no-admin.


I have been looking for this exact feature as well. GlassWire clearly advertises the firewall functionality prominently - the download page states it like this:

Download GlassWire’s firewall & network monitoring software to detect and block threats your antivirus missed.

Clearly, there is emphasis on the security and especially the firewall aspect of GW. I just wish the company’s marketing and development sections were a tad more in tune with each other. The feedback definitely is on the forums.

I find diox8tony’s way of putting it quite fitting - Be an actual Firewall.


We are a 5 person team and we have no marketing department. We’re not Symantec or something like that, but we do our best. GlassWire is the only app we make.

Host blocking is on the way and I know we have said this for awhile, and I understand your frustration.

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