Firewall is ON, but "bubbles" show data usage

Firewall is ON (block all), but glasswire(bubbles) shows that apps are using data. But if I try to launch an application (for example a browser) it doesn’t work(blocked)
Using Android 13 and Glasswire 3.0.380r.
Firewall works or NOT??!!

Hi @Anton_Stamatov,

Thanks for the screenshot. I can see the firewall is on and should be blocking apps from connecting to the network. I have forwarded these details to our engineering team. I will be in touch once I have an update.


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Hello Katie, hope you are doing well. I have the same problem. :sweat_smile: I just renewed my subscription, I selected Pro Series for my Desktop. I’m staying with my old version 2.3.449 because I don’t like the layout and the new features on the upgrade. Also, too many people are having connection problems or it’s not working properly. I’ll upgrade as soon as you guys get the bugs out. Keep up the good work and have a nice day! :grinning: