Firewall lists & icons when Windows firewall is disabled

Hello. GlassWire rocks.

I ran it for about two weeks on a Win7x64 test system with the Windows firewall enabled. I understand how that all works. Nicely done!

I just today installed it on my Win7x64 “everyday” system which I run with the Windows firewall disabled. As expected, GlassWire’s Firewall is Off.

As a result of my casual testing, I’m convinced in the Firewall pane, the applications listings, grey icons and (when toggled) slashed grey icons are merely placeholders, informative only with no function. Am I correct?

Thank you.

GlassWire uses the Windows firewall so if your Windows firewall is disabled then GlassWire cannot block anything. You can turn the Windows firewall back on and the icons will be functional again under the firewall tab.

Thanks for your feedback and kind words about GlassWire.

I am not able to turn on my Windows 7/64 Firewall since I’ve been running Norton Firewall. I’d like to use GlassWire to do my blocking. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

Norton disables the Windows firewall unfortunately.

Thanks for the fast response. Is it worth uninstalling Norton?

Having a good antivirus is very important. We can’t ever recommend that anyone remove their antivirus. GlassWire gives you additional security and works with most antivirus products, but GlassWire is not a stand alone antivirus and should not be used as one.

Thanks again! You have given me what I need to go on.
Have a great day!