Firewall Login Connections

I’m concerned about Glasswire firewall not working at the login screen, and even the delay of Glasswire firewall starting up when logging in.

This is something that Little Snitch does on the Mac platform quite well. When logging into an administrative user one can then see login connects and allow or deny them or create rules about them with custom scopes etc. As far as I can tell Glasswire does not block any login connection attempts, and this concerns me, as I’d suspect this is a prime exploit for malware and viruses etc.

I’m requesting the feature here. If I’m mistaken on one of these points please let me know, but based on my intuition and eyeballing of the feature set I’ve not noticed Glasswire serving these functions.


One bonus to using the Windows Firewall API is that GlassWire does continue to block on shut down/login and it also blocks when you are installing a new version of GlassWire on top of an old version.