Firewall not blocking and Norton compatibility issues

Hey guys - I recently purchase for Window 10 - I am not really sure if I did it

correct .

I clicked on blocked app for couple of programs - however the graph is still showing network activity

Also is Glasswire tied to windows 10 firewall ? anyone has suggestions or tried with 3rd party firewall ? cos it ON switch was disabled when norton was installed .



The firewall tab is slow to update. If you want to see if there is network activity go to graphs/apps and make sure it’s set to its shortest interval. Are you still seeing activity? Please confirm.

We use the Windows Firewall API for blocking. With most Norton versions you have the option to use the Windows Firewall or not, in settings.

Start Norton.

If you see the My Norton window, next to Device Security, click Open.

In the Norton main window, click Settings.

In the Settings window, click Firewall.

On the General Settings tab, in the Smart Firewall row, move the On/Off switch to Off or On.

Click Apply.

If prompted, select the duration until when you want the Firewall feature to be turned off, and click OK.

Yes - I think its showing up in the main graph too



If you go to our top left menu and choose “About”, what version of GlassWire are you using? NT Kernel & System are white listed so it’s not possible to block them unless you are using a very old version of our software?

NT Kernel & System blocking can cause major security issues and system instability.

yes - not the NT kernel - was referring to the other 2 apps which I blanked out ; sending data in bytes ; and i am not sure why hosts column is showing detectportal_DOT_firefox_DOT_com…are they trying to connect to that site ??


It appears this is just a local network connection. It’s not a remote connection. When the country flag is blue like that it means it’s an internal or local connection.

I also found out what that connection does. It’s nothing malicious and can be disabled by Firefox itself if you prefer. is used to detect captive portals on public wifi networks to be able to redirect you to their logon screen, so you don’t just get page loading errors in firefox (set network.captive-portal-service.enabled to false in about:config in order to disable that feature). is used to update the list of trackers that are getting blocked when tracking protection is turned on.

Sometimes when you block an app with GlassWire it will still show some previous domains there, but it does not necessarily mean there is network activity taking place currently. Go to our graphs/apps to see real-time activity.

thanks Ken , ok to summarize - theres no remote activity but local connection shows up .

however Real time tracks that on its graph as attached



If you block Edge and launch Edge, is it blocked, or no? Edge gives a very clear error message if you try to click a link or use it.

Are you using another firewall simultaneously?

If you wanted to maybe email me the file name privately, or message it to me privately I will try to reproduce it if it’s a public file? If Edge is not blocked then there is no reason to send me anything because it’s clear there is some issue with the Firewall API.

Edge - once blocked the graph drops and zero bytes - works as expected .; also not using any other firewall .

No - this is not publicly available application ; but my questions are answered for most part , as nothing is leaking to the outside world .

thanks !

So I disabled Norton firewall - but seems like windows 10 does not allow to fall back to windows firewall since Norton Antivirus is running . Sounds like its all or nothing with windows - no mix and match allowed !

and thats too bad - a cos Glasswire is reports Norton firewall is running the show ; so none of the blocks etc works anymore .


Others have changed this setting with Norton and it worked. Did you try rebooting?

Yes - this is after reboot ; I am using Norton 360 latest version if that helps


Does Norton have any software updates available? It’s strange that their setting would fail to work at all. I suggest this for others quite a bit and they always say it solves it.

I apologize for the issue.

Perhaps a clean install of GlassWire might help too if you are sure the setting is off? Sometimes apps have an “OK” button you must press after changing a setting, could that have been left off somehow?

Yes - I just did a clean install too ; I think there might be an issue or some scope of improvement for Glasswire which in reality is a Windows 10 problem .

But it does not make economic sense to purchase Glasswire due to this quirk - except for the network visualization ; It can be assumed I think that Glasswire is married to Windows Firewall in this case atleast .

Well the good thing for me is Norton subscription is going away in a month or two - so I am not too perturbed ; I can go back to using Glasswire and Windows Firewall ! But definitely some work to be done .

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We look forward to having you back!

Meanwhile, for any other Norton users if you have this issue we have found in most cases this settings change solves it:

Honestly, the best bet would be to just uninstall Norton. Microsoft Defender is the best antivirus out there.

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