Firewall not compatible with Comodo (CIS)

In GlassWire there is the firewall tab.
Comdo (CIS) disables the Windows Firewall and uses its own and better firewall.
But when I try to enable the firewall feature of GlassWire, GlassWire says, that my Windows Firewall is disabled and that it will enable it when I enable the firewall feature in GlassWire.

Even Windows recognizes that there is the firewall of Comodo installed and working.

Can you add and support the Comodo Firewall so it recognizes/supports it?

We will see if Comodo has some way to interface with their firewall. It may not be possible. What happens if you run Windows firewall and Comodo simultaneously? Is it allowed?

Seems this does not work when I enable both.

I have this same issue. I certainly don’t want to be using Windows Firewall in addition to the CIS one, and it looks clear that CIS firewall is expected to conflict with the Windows one if that is enabled. For the moment I just have to work as though GlassWire doesn’t have a firewall facility, which, although not an ideal situation, isn’t the end of the world, as it’s really GlassWire’s other features that I installed it for.


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Actually, thinking about this more, I really do want GlassWire’s Firewall feature. The Comodo firewall is undoubtedly much better than the Windows firewall (e.g., to my understanding, the Windows one doesn’t even stealth one’s ports), so I am tied to such a superior firewall, and that means keeping the Windows one disabled, BUT if I want to block a particular process in CIS it is a right old hassle, whereas doing that in GlassWire would be extremely simple and quick - provided of course that one can use its Firewall feature.

I do hope that a way can be found to get Comodo firewall to co-operate with GlassWire as the Windows one can.


Maybe the answer is for GlassWire to make a firewall that’s as good as the Comodo one.

I tested the free Comodo Firewall tonight and found the GlassWire firewall still worked. Maybe I’m using a different product than you, I guess I need the CIS version?

Servo, I assume that your standalone Comodo Firewall installation didn’t disable the Windows firewall, then, as the CIS suite does - which is odd and, I would expect, an error. While I could of course try enabling the Windows firewall on my system, I do foresee conflicts if I tried that; it wouldn’t be a safe thing to do, even if all appears to work okay for a time.

And, Ken, you’ve said it! I actually got thinking that same thing last night. Basically it’s poor policy to do anything to encourage people to use the Windows firewall rather than a superior third-party one - much as I hold up to suspicion the motivations of the various third-party security software vendors. Quite apart from any other aspects, encouraging people to use a firewall that doesn’t stealth all one’s ports is courting disaster for those who take that route. Also, I’d think that a GlassWire Firewall would have a high chance of standing out from the crowd through having a particularly helpful and intuitive interface that puts the user maximally in command while not appearing intimidatingly technical. But, for starters, it must stealth all one’s ports for it to be a worthwhile proposition.


Oops, culpa mea - I hadn’t researched properly about Windows Firewall! It appears that it DOES stealth all ports, and indeed by default! - I’d caution, though, that nobody take my word for that but to confirm for themselves with a little Internet research. That leaves me to find out how much benefit, if any, I would lose from turning off the CIS firewall and enabling the Windows one (and thus to be using GlassWire as my front end for it). I’ll attempt to research that carefully before any decision to try it out. :slight_smile:

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Update. Having become more familiar with GW’s functionality and not always immediately visible potential, and the potentialities with Windows Firewall with a user friendly front end, today I bit the bullet and turned on Window Firewall and GW’s Firewall tab to connect with it, and uninstalled Comodo Internet Security, having downloaded Comodo Antivirus, and then installed that, also enabling its Defense+ HIPS, which is (bafflingly) disabled by default.

Actually, the reality in my situation is that at least for most of the time no software firewall on my system gets significant challenge from outside anyway, because (a) my router has some sort of firewall, and (b) my ISP applies a firewall to my traffic anyway, and my tests some time ago showed that that was stealthing all my ports, quite apart from any other useful firewall functions that it might be carrying out. – Which no doubt goes to explain why I have still had no attack / port scan alerts from CIS despite my setting the alert level to ‘Very High’ quite some time ago.

Oh bggr! - I thought it would be good policy to set Windows Firewall to block outgoing traffic and then ask me whether to allow / deny the blocked process, but the silly cow then just blocked, without giving any dialog for one to choose whether to allow or deny. It appears that the stupid MS firewall would have to have individual rules set up to allow specific programs to send outgoing traffic - a convoluted and time-consuming process. Amazing, that Windows Firewall is still so much in the Stone Age! Good old M$!

I’m afraid that tomorrow I’ll be installing CIS again and abandoning Windows Firewall and therefore the GW firewall tab until the GW people find a way to block all outgoing and allow one to choose which processes to allow - the subject of another topic here.

We’re working on including that “block all” feature in the future. Thanks!

Hey guys, I’m reviving this thread because I am a current user of Comodo firewall + Qihoo AV.
Qihoo is now offering a firewall through partnership with Glasswire.
That being said I’d like to know whether Glasswire is planning to add (or already does) traffic filtering functionality to detect network attacks and exploit attempts.
That is the functionality of Comodo which most appeals to me, it provides me with many features useful for protecting against network attacks (e.g. Blocking fragmented IP traffic, Protocol Analysis, automatic Anti-ARP spoofing, detecting shellcode injections etc.)
Glasswire seems an amazing app for network monitoring and basic ruleset applying, but it doesn’t seem to scan traffic content.
If I can get a reply about this issue I’d appretiate it loads. Thanks!!!

Hello Gabz,

GlassWire actually does have some network security monitoring features. Go to our settings to scroll down the long list of features you can enable/disable.

Check out the middle column here

Hey Servo,
Yeah I did see that, but I was wondering whether it actually allows the user block the event (e.g. system file change) once it detects it or if it only notifies you of the change?

No, we don’t block system file changes. We worried it may cause instability with Windows.

Glasswire and Comodo’s Firewall seem to be working fine together on my system

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AFAIK the problem is not with them working together. The problem is that if you have Comodo Firewall operating then you cannot block applications from GlassWire’s Firewall tab. GlassWire uses the Windows Firewall which would be disabled if Comodo Firewall is running.