Firewall off after restart (Android)

I am trying to find an app that I can put on my kid’s phone to help monitor, alert, and block mobile data usage. So far, this is the only one I have found that does everything in one app and works correctly. Well, almost correctly. The only issue I found is that the firewall does not restart on startup. I have added to not optimizing and have no other apps that kill processes. I have tried reinstalling and a variety of other tests including setting the VPN to always on. I need to rely on the firewall starting back up after a phone reboot because there is no way the boy will remember to do it every time. Is this lack of functionality intended or am I missing something?

To clarify, the app itself starts up after reboot, just not the firewall.

I’m on a Galaxy S9.


We have had a lot of people mention this. It seems to be a limitation with Android itself, where they don’t allow a VPN to auto-connect on phone reboot. Therefore as of now it seems there isn’t much we can do but as soon as there is a way go work around it we’ll implement it.

I played with other apps before yours and I know if you set always on with NetGuard, it auto connects on startup. It gives you a message about it when you enable the FW and then on startup you get notifications that the rules are being enforced. But I had other issues with it, plus it is just the FW and I would like everything consolidated like it is in GlassWire.


Thanks for your feedback. I’ll check out that app you mentioned and see what we can do.