Firewall Pane Needs An Overhaul

After using GlassWire for a few months, the firewall pane has become unmanageable.
It’s a single list of items with no defined sort order, and after some time applications end up in a hidden “inactive apps” list.

  1. Split the list into panes.
    Have one vertical list for blocked applications and another for allowed applications.
    This immediately makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

  2. Provide sort options for the lists.
    Clicking a column header should sort the lists.
    I would suggest adding “first connection” and “last activity” columns.

  3. Make the lists searchable.
    Having a search box in the upper-right would make it even quicker to find what you’re looking for - especially if it searches both the executable name and the application name.

  4. Firewall rules.
    Being able to automatically block or allow certain applications would make GlassWire much nicer to use.
    For example, every time I update my video drivers I get three or four prompts and more applications added to my firewall list.
    A rule to automatically block all connection attempts from C:\NVIDIA\ would silently block them.

  5. Temporary/timed rules.
    There are two annoyances with modern gaming:
    1 - Most games now require online activation to play.
    2 - These games typically assign a unique identifier to you, and track everything that you do - logging how long you spend playing their game for example.
    It would be very useful if I could have a rule pointing to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ which allows a 30 second connection window when an application is launched so that it can activate online, which then automatically blocks any further access.

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Thank you for your feedback. We are completely changing how the Firewall tab works with 2.0 and we’ll keep your feedback in mind!

For example we plan to add profiles so you can keep different allow/deny lists and switch back and forth between them.

We hope to add full host/app searching capabilities in the future too.