Firewall Rules - Created with "WRONG PATH"?

A Very Good Day to Everyone,

I hope everything is going great.

I just bought the Pro version of Glasswire and installed it on 2 pc

Glasswire worked on the first PC.

Glasswire did not work on the second PC.

I am trying to use the “Click to Block” Feature on the Firewall TAB

I found out that when Glasswire creates the Windows “Inbound and Outbound Rules” at the Windows Firewall Level, when I do a “Click to Block” on a particular application, the Path for the application is set “Wrongly”

For example, instead of having a path of : c:\Program Files\Remote Admin 3.0\Radmin.exe

I am not sure why, Glasswire set the path to : i:\Program Files\Remote Admin 3.0\Radmin.exe

This is evident for all the application inbound and outbound rules in the Windows Firewall Rules Applet

Because the Path is set wrongly, the application is not blocked as intended because the inbound and outbound rules created points to the wrong path to the application

If I open the Windows Task Manager and view the properties of Radmin.exe, the path to Radmin.exe is set and shown correctly … which is C:\Program Files\Radmin 3.0\Radmin.exe

This means that Windows itself knows the “Correct Path” for Radmin.exe

I have tried a few other applications such as TeamViewer and it too has a path set wrongly to the i:\ drive

So can someone please help me out on this issue ?


I recover my pc from a backup that is before when I installed Glasswire

I then did a registry search for the string “i:”

And could not find any instances of the path “i:” being associated to any software or anything in the whole registry file …

I am not sure where GlassWire get the “i:” path from ???

When I move my mouse cursor next to the Radmin.exe app in Glasswire, the path is “i:\” followed by “Program Files” etc etc

Why does the path comes with a double slash as in “i:\” ???

can someone please help me out ???


We had another user report something similar. Please email our helpdesk and we’ll send you a custom version to test so we can figure out what this is happening. Thanks!

What is the email address of your helpdesk

thank you Sorry, I should have posted the link. I don’t post our email address in the forum because sometimes we change our email address due to spam, so I post the contact page URL.

Just a guess but if you dont have a Windows storage letter of “i” being used then there is a Cloud storage named "i Cloud " which leads a path to the Web.

Thank you for the quick reply.

As I have paid USD 99.00 for the Pro version, I would very much like to use this software on my pc

Can someone please kindly provide a solution to my issue of the “i:\” drive ???

Thank you very much for your time and kind help.

Warm Regards

What I posted isnt so "far fetched " as it may seem in checking on tech sites there is an "i drive for Windows that emulates a Windows "drive " letter . It can be installed in various ways depending on what you download and have on your system and is "cloud driven ". Its not impossible that some web action could cause this.

We are preparing a custom version for you to test that will be sent via the helpdesk. Sorry for the delay.

Thank you for the quick support and for sending the custom glasswire installer

However after I have installed Glasswire, The issue still persists

Glasswire still sets the path to “i:\”

Can someone please help me on this ?

Thank You !!!

I’m waiting for the next step from the dev team. I think they will ask you to send some logs via email, but I’m awaiting their exact instructions. Thanks so much for your help!

Dear Glasswire,

I have downloaded the Latest Updated version of GlassWire and I still have the “Path Set Wrongly issue” …

I know why Glasswire is setting the Path to “i:”

Glasswire is setting the Path to i:\ because it is the First Windows partition in Disk 0

If I change the Drive Letter of the First Windows partition of Disk 0 to Z:\

Glasswire will now set all Application to point to “Z:\Program Files\App Folder”

This is the reason why I am getting all my apps in GlassWire pointing to “i:”

Because GlassWire is pointing all path to the First Windows Partition of Disk 0 …

So now that you know why GlassWire is doing this … can you please try to solve this issue for me as i really really need to use GlassWire ?

I have solve this issue for my GlassWire Installation.

It is a simple 1 Step Process, In Disk Management - you just need to “UnMount” All Disk # that does not contain C:\

Then Install GlassWire onto C:\

And then “Mount” All Disk # that you “UnMounted” earlier

After that REBOOT and everything should work !!!

What you need to do is :smile:

  1. This Works for me with my Path Set Wrongly Issue with GlassWire
  2. I am using Windows 10 64Bit and it should be the same with the other Windows OS
  3. Open Windows Explorer >>> Right Click “This PC” and Select “Manage” >>> Click on “Disk Management”
  4. For ALL Disks that does not contain the “C:”, you need to >>> Right Click on the Disk # and select >>> “OFFLINE” >>> This is also known as “UnMount Disk” - What you are doing here is to set “ALL” Disk # to “OFFLINE”. The ONLY Disk # that is Online is the Disk # with C:\
  5. After you have “UnMounted” and Set “OFFLINE” all the Disks # that does not contain C:, you Install GlassWire onto C:\
  6. After GlassWire is Installed, you “UNDO” Step (4) by >>> Right Click on the Disk # and select >>> “ONLINE” Accordingly for all Disk #
  7. Reboot and GlassWire will now point all Application Path to C:\
  8. Now, in the “Click to Block” Window, all Application should default to C:\

I hope this help you solve your Path Set Wrongly issue …

It worked for me and I am now a VERY Happy User of GlassWire !!!



This is very interesting and I am glad you have got a solution but I am left with the question-what process sent it down that road in the first place ? as this is an uncommon fault it must be some type of programming process in your computer channeling GW towards that target.

I am not sure myself


  1. I run Ubuntu Linux and Windows 10 Dual Boot on the same PC
  2. i:\ is the first windows partition in Disk 0
  3. If i set i:\ to X:\ and do a reboot, all the application path will now point to X:\
  4. I suspect GlassWire scans for the first Windows partition in Disk 0 as the Default Application Path …


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