Firewall settings - experimental

I have looked, but my apologies if this has already been reported elsewhere. I will cut straight to the issue. The “Experimental” Firewall option is causing some but not all apps to act as if wireless is turned off. In your newsletter, I read about “GlassWire Detect”, Windows version, but I cannot recall turning on the “Experimental” option in the Android app. I haven’t yet looked, but I wonder if there is a similar option in the Windows app?

Anyway, this issue has taken a little time for me to hone in on the culprit. It surfaced on two phones, different brands and different Android OS releases (one 10 and the other 11). One of the devices was running in aeroplane mode, and that mislead me for a while. I am now 99.9 per cent certain that toggling the Firewall configuration from “Experimental” to “Default” resolves the problem on both phones



Sorry for the issue. Yes, for Android we brought back the “default” option for people who were having issues with our new firewall. If anyone is having an issue with our Android firewall please go to our bottom right menu and choose “settings” then “firewall” then "default.