Firewall stop http request in local network

Hi, Im a web developer new come to Glasswire. Today I found I can not request my testing website on with http client tool like postman, curl(in ubuntu on windows), but chrome works. After I turn off the firewall of Glasswire, it works again. So I think it’s cause by the firewall in certain way. After deal with it for a while, I find postman has already been added, and there is no way to manually add curl(in ubuntu on windows) into white list.

For normal user maybe it’s not a big deal, but for web developer it’s really not convenient. Is there anything to solve this automatically ? Will you fix it in future releases ?

BTW, thx for point out all my English grammar bug, Im still learning it. :smiley:

Is this related to the Linux subsystem with Windows? If so Microsoft says they will add compatibility with the Windows Firewall soon. When this happens it will solve the problem for you with an OS update, because GlassWire uses the Windows Firewall API.

THX for reply!

I can wait for the OS update.

And the postman application works well now, I found it’s failure was caused by the unstable Macbook pro Wifi, this problem solved after I build an aimesh network in my home!

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