Firewall VPN Service


Can anyone explain why Glasswire (and most Android firewalls in general) require the VPN service to work and how the VPN service makes the firewall work?


Unfortunately it’s the only way Android gives us to make a firewall. The service blackholes the blocked apps into your phone so they cannot connect out.

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Can you tell me how the GlassWire firewall works by default? Are all existing installed apps auto allowed and new apps blocked? How much does the firewall offer in terms of protection for Android?


Please check out our official Android GlassWire user guide here: GlassWire Android Data Usage Manager & Firewall Help

You can allow new apps to call out, or you can use the slider on the firewall tab that says “allow or deny” to allow or deny newly installed apps from connecting to the network.

GlassWire offers excellent data usage monitoring and data usage protection. If you’re looking for protection against malware you may be better off with an actual antivirus like Malwarebytes. We don’t try to be an antivirus or claim to be one.