Firewall without automatic update - paradoxon?

Hey there,

i like Glasswire,
but there is one thing that really picks me off.

Why does glasswire not have an automatic update function?
I am managing a startup and we use glas wire for all personal PC’s workstations etc as second line protection.

But my admins spend a good portion always re-installing glas wire since it only does notify our team members about a new update but not automatically update.
When planning with secure layers it is a vulnerability if parts of it go out of date etc…

Is that smth. you would add soon? Is there an enterprise version?

Thanks guys

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This is one of the most requested features of GlassWire, and we’re working on it! Sorry for the delay but we want to be sure we implement this so it works well and it’s secure.

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great :wink: We’ll keep a close eye on it.

as well as a small team enterprise edition.