Firewall won't turn on

Hi All,

I recently purchased Glasswire but I can’t get the firewall to come on, it always shows as off. The drop down options are also set to click to block.

Any advice please.

Hi @Tricki,

With the click to block mode, you are able to manually choose which apps you wish to block. You can block an app by clicking on the toggle, if the toggle is green then the app is not blocked, When The toggle is red, the app is blocked.
Please take a look at our quick start guide and user guide to understand all other ways to use the firewall and all other features:GlassWire Help & Quick Start Guide and GlassWire user guide and manual


Hi @Katie_GlassWire

I have been using Glasswire for a couple of years. The issue is with a pc I have just installed the software on.

I have installed and removed a number of times but to no avail, the button simply wont toggle and the drop down won’t allow me to select any other option.

The only think to add is I did have zonealarm installed but has obviously been uninstalled and rebooted.


Hi @Tricki

Please can you email logs and a screenshot of the issue to so we can investigate.



Do you mean windows logs or the logs from within glasswire?



The Windows logs please