First Network Access not logged?

I’m not seeing any logging under Alerts for a First Network Access where one chooses to allow or block.

Is that correct?

It is not until First Network Activity that anything appears under Alerts.


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Are you a paid user? All users free/paid get “new” connection alerts but only paid users get “Ask to connect” alerts that look like this

If you just paid and you want to start over with your “Ask to connect” alerts then switch on Ask to connect mode, then go to your settings and clear your history.

Sorry. I’m usually in the habit of prefacing my posts with OS and app details…
Windows 7 HP SP1 x64
Glasswire Pro 1.2.100
Ask to connect mode is enabled.

Let me try and rephrase: Under the ALERTS TAB for TYPES, First Network ACCESS is not logged.

Should not First Network Access should be logged as well as First Network Activity?


No, you should only see an alert for first network activity if I understand correctly.

OK. Thanks.

So, feature request: Under the Alerts tab, implement First Network Access as a Type for logging and noting the allow or block choice.

A few weeks ago my hard drive drive and I replaced it, did a fresh OS build, restored all my data from a NAS backup and installed several primary applications. Over the weeks I’ve installed more apps every few days as I needed them; still a work in progress.

As such I have observed that it is in many cases it is common the install or first run will evoke First Network Access with no actual communication. It is not until the app is used for a bit (cloud feature, SNMP, whatever) that the First Network Activity shows up. Though Access/Allow is most often immediately followed by Activity, usually for the all-important update check.

In all instances, the application does appear immediately under Firewall with the color or grey flame depending on the choice made upon the First Network Access alert whether or not subsequent Activity occurs.


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