First Network Activity a bit annoying

Glasswire repeatedly alerts me of First Network activity on connections out to Cloud based services even though there have been prior connections to that cloud service but to a slightly different subdomain. I also notice that is is also alerting me of First Network Activity to email servers that it had connected to to daily over the last week. At this point I just ignore these alerts as I find them distracting and of little use.


Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “settings” then choose “security” and click “first network activity” to disable it.

I understand that one can do that but why is the software reporting connections First Network Activity these connections have been made in the past. One such connection is my email program Thunderbird connecting to my email provider. GlassWire flagged that connection as new even though Thunderbird and GlassWire has been running on this computer for days.


I recommend uninstalling GlassWire, going to your Windows Firewall control panel and choosing “reset defaults” then reinstalling GlassWire with a “clean” option. Sorry for the problem. GlassWire should not show “new” notifications for applications that are not new.


Can you tell me what version of Windows you are using? We had another user report a similar problem, so I’m trying to get to the bottom of it.

When you got the “new” connections over and over what version of the software did GlassWire show was “new” but was not? Was it any other applications besides Thunderbird and what version of Thunderbird does GlassWire show, and is it correct or not?

I did as you mentioned uninstalling Glasswire doing a reset on Windows firewall and then reinstalling Glasswire and doing a clean install. Lost the 2 weeks of data I had been accumulating.

I was using Glasswire version prior to 1.2.88

Windows7 Pro here x64.

Too soon to tell whether in fact the 1.2.88 version is having similar issues. The other issue that I initially mentioned was that Glasswire was reporting connections to or to as new connections from the same application when it had in the past seen connections to these same services and the same app EXCEPT the subdomain xx was different.

Sorry about the problem. Please let me know if the changes you made didn’t solve the problem so we can research it further and fix it.

Well today this issue reared up again. The app 1.2.96 notified me of 18 First Network Activity. :dizzy_face:

This “feature” in Glasswire has in my care become useless. It is popping up notifications of applications saying that first network activity for a whole host of applications that have been installed, running and checking for updates etc on this computer for months. Its notifications are distracting in that its red indicator is making me act like pavolov’s dog. I have to click on its Systray icon to see what it is telling me only to find out the information being shown is that these long functioning apps are supposedly having their first network usage. I turned off tray notifications in the application. :tired_face:


Sorry for the problem. You can disable the security features completely by going to settings/security, or go to the “client” tab in the settings and uncheck “enable tray notifications”. You probably know this so I’m posting it for other people who may find this thread.

You can also temporarily turn off notifications any time with the top left GlassWire menu by choosing “snooze”.

We will work on improving this process in the future.

i have a similar problem but not consistently. apps that i use daily will sometimes give me a GW notification of first network activity. its maybe 1 out of 10 times i use that app, so not frequent but it makes me wonder. GW also says one of my apps twice. so itll have two spots where the app is listed twice and itll show it on the list twice. its strange