First Time User - Division 2

I am trying to get used to this firewall and have it set to “ask” on first network connection for all applications.

But for whatever reason Division 2 is not showing as connecting anywhere while it’s trying to connect.

I have been looking for a Comodo replacement for years, this looks promising, so what gives?

I can see the executable running but it never makes an attempt to connect. This would seem to be the very reason we would use a “ask” type of firewall, but if it unable to detect these kinds of things, that seems like a huge gaping hole.

I finally got the alert to come up that Division 2 made it’s first network connection, but I had to turn the firewall off to make that happen, then turn it back on again, so while the firewall itself was on, it could not make a connection, and glasswire could not recognize it even trying to.

Sorry for the issue. We will try to replicate it on our end.

Meanwhile for others who have similar issues, you can set up a “profile” at the top middle of the firewall tab in situations like these.

You can “Block all” and then unblock what you want to allow, then switch on “Ask to connect”.

Also, sometimes with situations like these a secondary app will control the network connection. For example it could be Steam or something like that.

I use Uplay for Divsion 2, Uplay was allowed as well as their AntiCheat program. So when I was having this issue I could see both running in my task manager (Anti-Cheat and Divsion2) , but for some reason only the Anticheat was showing up under apps in Glasswire. It was like it was not detecting the program trying to make a connection, and thus you could not even block or allow it.

I really am looking for a very simple profile, all i want is something that asks me one time, whenever something new connects, that is all. Also if the executable changes, that would be a very good thing as well.