Fix Bandwidth on Vertical Scale

This has been requested by many customers. Your surveys say it is not needed. I am a programmer. I know, and you know, it takes very little effort to provide an option for those “outlier” users like use, to fix the vertical scale. If people in the survey prefer the dynamic scale, they do not have to enable that check box.

Example: I am now using the MINI VIEWER. Very nice option. But I cannot tell when the graph tops up to the highest level what that means? Am I downloading 1 MB? 20 MB? I simply want to have a quick look on the graph without having to quince to see the numbers. Also, frequent arguments with my ISP require me to send them a bandwidth chart. It would be nice to send them consistent scales.

I just purchased Glasswire (though I have been using the free version for a while) and I repeat my need for a vertical scale.

Thank you



Thanks for your feedback. Perhaps now that GlassWire 2.0 is out and our UI now supports high DPI we can look at how an option like this might work if we get a lot of requests for it.

Dear Ken
I think Glasswire is procrastinating. You’ve been saying that for a few years.
This is a standard feature, not an “added value option”.
How can you monitor traffic if you do not have a reference and the graph keeps jumping up and down?

Please do not wait for more requests. You already have a lot.

Hope that some bright developer will offer you a solution soon.


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I’d have to agree, a dynamic scale in a mini viewer does not make sense, the mini viewer is there to allow a quick glance… without indicating the scale, it’s merely amusing, not helpful.


The mini viewer does show a speed meter with up/down bandwidth usage.


You can make feature requests here also: Future Feature Requests!


The miniviewer graph is meant to show “history” so you can tell how the transfer is going. The numbers on the graph are “instantaneous” (or even if given as a moving average), they will not show how the bandwidth is proceeding. Without a fixed scale, the graph will jump up and down and you will have to “quince” your eyes to see the numbers.

I do not know why all comments are assuming that we want fixed scales to replace dynamic scales.

Please remember, we are asking for a little check box defaulted to dynamic scale. Those who like the chart the way it is, will not have to do anything. We will have to enable fixed scales.

Thanks again for considering this extra, very soon.

I’m a broken record about this need for years now.

Me too, and the problem still goes on, now reaching the end of 2019…

We really need to be able to see the graph in context against known parameters, not have a scale that bounces all over the place that we have to examine closely to actually see what’s going on.

Why are the folks at GlassWire totally ignoring this?

Nobody has bumped the thread in 2 years so that may be the answer to your question.

To be completely serious though, we care a lot about GlassWire and I answer the forum questions every single day. Look at the forum to see this for yourself.

I think it’s great you are passionate about GlassWire and you want the graph to work a different way but please consider this is not a trivial change and it’s not requested often, so it may not happen overnight.

Our Android update will be out in a month or two and it will use a different type of graph. I hope you will try it and see if it meets your needs then give us further feedback. If a lot of people like that style of graph we’ll consider offering the same option for Windows.

More like a year and a half since last bumped on this particular thread, but then there’s the other forum questions asking for this, much more recent and also going back many years.

I don’t want or need GlassWire on my Android devices, and I won’t on Windows because it can’t do what I need it to do. I tried it ages ago but couldn’t stand the graph always looking really busy when things really weren’t and the constant having to decode in my head what units and scale everything was in meant it was off my system after giving it all a fair go. It just gives no clear sense of actual activity by glancing at it and it’s all too much of a headache where there should be none. Again, see how Networx does it, nice and at a glance simple for an overview (granted not with the level of detail available in GW).

Re “… it may not happen overnight”, well, several people have given very rational arguments why it should have a fixable scale in various forum questions for many years, we already now it won’t be overnight!. I should think many people don’t try or use GW any more because of the scale issue and therefore don’t feedback on it any longer, especially when they see years of GW not recognising/understanding the need via the forum or the feature requests, i.e. see the last post by zeker (Nov 17) of a thread started in 2014

Also where zeker (Dec 18) also points out his posts on the subject were amongst the most liked in your whole feature feedback system.

Is it really such a complicated programming issue to implement a fixed scale? Surely the complex part was making GW keep changing scales and units all the time? Isn’t all that’s really needed is to ignore all that and lock the scale at some user-chosen unit/level? Give me that and you can have my money.


Hello friends
The fact remains that Glasswire CAN introduce a very minor option and does not.
This has led to my not using the product, having paid for it $50.
The reason i keep it is the hope that one day one of your programmers will make a mistake and introduce that little check box.
All the best