Forum link only recognized if the hyperlink target is visible as text too

I noticed that when I created a link to another forum thread/topic I didn’t get credited the badge for First Link = Added an internal link to another topic. That was because I entered the topic title and hyperlinked from that. I only got the badge when I inserted the link text. The hyperlink target is the same in both links so it should get credited because it creates a cleaner forum text and provides a reader with the title of the forum topic being linked to.

Thanks for reporting this. We use the forum software, maybe it has a bug?

Your site has a bug. Are you asking me to follow it up with :grinning:

Using Discourse as our forum is kind of like how we use Wordpress for our Blog. If there is a bug we can’t fix it because we don’t make the software, so yes actually is open source and you can report the bug here Then next time our forum updates the problem should be fixed if they fix the bug on their end.

Sorry for the problem and sorry for any confusion! Discourse is actually really cool forum software. We love it.

I can also report it for you if you want, just let me know.

I signed up at Discourse and had no problem getting the First Link badge without making the hyperlink text visible

Weird, I wonder if they are using a more updated version that ours.

It could also be that we put some limitations on linking due to spam? I have to fight spammers quite a bit here so I have put some limitations in our settings.

That could make sense because it might be related to preventing spammers “hiding” the link.

Here’s the versions:
Forum link only recognized if the hyperlink target is visible as text too has
"Discourse 1.5.0.beta6 - version 3c3d7c03f0cad4067988fce6e6e776a163875ff1" has
"Discourse 1.5.0.beta6 - version 81e97c3e441a49be00862846b4b95126c75cf899"

Re a delay getting the badge, I got it instantly when the displayed text was the hyperlink text.

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