"Free" Download - where do i get not-free?

There’s no such thing as Paid downloads that I have ever encountered for downloading programs.
FREE DOWNLOAD is a scam. It’s a bait and switch, onerous tactic.
99.99% of all downloads are “FREE”
goodness sake; do you really think a “FREE” download is any kind of incentive at all?
It remains a mystery to me - air to breathe - FREE!

GlassWire has a free 7 day trial. You can get it from our download page here https://www.glasswire.com/download/. Then after the trial you can still use our network monitoring and many of our other features for free permanently.

If you are a paid user and you want “non-free” we make just one application version. Just download from the same page https://www.glasswire.com/download/ and follow the instructions in your order email to activate GlassWire.

Go to the top left menu and choose “activate” then paste in your code. Now you have the “non-free” version.

Thanks for your feedback.