Free? In the future

Just read this on the main page

“GlassWire is currently free but we plan to add new features in the future for paying supporters”

Will GlassWire still be free in the future, or is it going crippleware unless you pay?

What will be the features exclusive to the paid version.

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I think we will not take away anything we already have in the current version but we may add extra paid features.

I use the phrase “drug dealer version”. Not to imply anything inappropriate, but that if the free version has many features (and we as users get addicted to the awesome functionality), then GW will then offer more bells and whistles that are a lot of bang for the buck as an upgrade path.

GlassWire client might consider using the SpiceWorks model. The tool is free due to banner advertising, or, a customer can pay the annual fee and get banner free

I’d like to install free banner funded GlassWire client on all my pc’s, then pay for a GlassWire central management station, that talks to all the GlassWire clients and looks for unusual activity.

On top of that, I’d like to pay for an additional feature so the central management station is able to call home to the mother ship in the cloud so it gets signatures, or guidance or steering so GlassWire can take actions in real time to stop threats.

But wait there’s more. In addition to all of that, I’d like to pay for another GlassWire product that sniffs packets from a smart switch to look at LAN dialogue from hosts that cannot run the GlassWire client from “internet of things” devices like IP camera’s, smart TV’s and Game consoles. I’d use the GlassWire sniffer (like open source SNORT) to monitor LAN traffic. If I see a single device yelling at all the other devices, then its probably virus infected.


Great ideas, thank you! We have no plans to ever include ads in GlassWire.

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Yay! thanks for that Ken :slight_smile:

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I approve no adds ever :smile


So far I really like GlassWire. Please don’t make the mistake of bloating the software with a bunch of additional features. There’s nothing wrong with new features that could be beneficial, but make it similar to how the free version of Avast install system works. If you decide you want to purchase a specific feature in Avast, that feature would then been installed. It doesn’t work the other way around typically. The required base install is required of course, then during a custom install you can select which additional features to install. I’m just hoping GlassWire remains lightweight. So far the install file size is around 15mb. I wouldn’t want to see it anywhere near 50 or more. Also, if you make it some sort of yearly subscription I’m definitely out for good.

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Keeping resource usage to a minimum is very important with our type of software. We’ll keep working hard on making GlassWire smaller and more efficient.

While I applaud the intention and motto of “no banner advertising here”, It also means that the developers are building this in their spare time, and living off of credit cards. No banner advertising just means it will take longer to get to a sellable version. Banner advertising is how the internet works. Banner advertising will bring in funds, so the developers can eventually create a banner free paid version.

Banner advertising can pay for a red/tiger team to find/fix vulnerabilities before the virus writing hackers do.

I applaud the motto. Its a nice intention. I also know that adding banner advertising is a pain.

Good luck for future :wink: