Free / Paid - Which one?

Hi I am only interested in using the program to monitor what is going in and out of my firewall not necessarily to block anything. Will the Free version of Glasswire be sufficient? Thanks.

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Yes, you can monitor data usage with our free Windows and Android apps and they never expire or stop working.

Our help guides are here:

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The Firewall features are useful but I’ve found GlassWire most useful as an application monitor now that most applications have a network component of some sort.


It’s better to buy it

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They removed something as simple as dark mode from the free version during the latest upgrade, which is enough reason for me to remove it from my system. Makes you wonder which other limitations they imposed on the lower tiers of the paid options. Thanks but no thanks… we already have EA to pull these kinds of profit maximization stunts.

Such a shame… I was just starting to recommend Glasswire to my friends.

I also don’t like when free features are removed. I’d also like the prices to drop.

But I think that is unfair to compare a much larger company like EA with the small company that develops GlassWire. I’ve been using GlassWire since the early versions and I sympathize with the difficulties of working out the balance between providing free features and making enough money to keep developing and support the software.

That’s not true at all. For GlassWire Android we recently added a free dark theme. Just go to the bottom right three line menu and choose “themes”.

For Windows our dark themes have always been paid, but we are about to release a free dark theme. Our Windows beta testers are already using the free dark theme.

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I have no problem with businesses maximizing profits. If the product is worthy I want them to be in business tomorrow.

I don’t claim to understand the free vs paid feature offerings on any software. I see many mobile apps free or with a one time fee. I see a few that require monthly or annual subscriptions that offer noting over and above the free or one-time-fee ones and I scratch my head trying to figure out how they came up with that price structure. Let the market decide. What i dont agree with it free software that is virtually useless without paying for the upgrade.