FTP Traffic Type

FTP instead of “Other” in Usage. Well, when it’s FTP, of course. :smiley:



May we ask what FTP client it is? We can test and try to recreate/fix it. We use an API for traffic types and it’s usually accurate, but not perfect.

The oldie but goodie FTP Wanderer but never yet tried a WAN connection.

The FreeCommander XP file manager has a built in FTP client I use for my NAS.

I use FTP for my nightly backups to the NAS with Rathlev’s Personal Backup.

ftp.exe from the command-line also Other when connecting to the NAS.

Coincidentally, just yesterday Firefox got a PDF file (a user manual) from an FTP site and Other was in Usage along with HTTP, HTTPS, DNS. And FTP control.

But today I connected to the NAS with Firefox and for today’s Usage: HTTP, HTTPS, and then Other after the FTP connection. My NAS is local, of course, while the PDF file yesterday from teh webbunetz. So, Other and FTP Control respectively for the Traffic Types?

I’m not asking for a fix for my oddball stuff. Unless you got nothing better to do. :wink:


Well, I just answered my question. For FTP Wanderer, ftp.exe and confirming Firefox, Traffic Type is:

When connecting to either of my two LAN (192.168.etc) FTP servers, it’s Other.

When connecting to a webbernetz FTP server it’s FTP control.

I don’t need to test the backup program; its purpose is local only but I would expect the same results.

I might load up a Mosaic browser and see what happens when I try a gopher server. Kidding!

Again, no need to fix. You can close this thread. Cheers.

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